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How to Let an Employee Add Their Own Education History

Education history is stored against an employees record, and can be added via an administrator or employee. If an employee is to add the information, the education history quick link must be enabled on the Employee Portal. 

How to Enable Education History on the Employee Homepage

Navigation Pathway: Menu > Setup > Setup Properties 

  1. Employee Portal Setup > Employee Portal 
  2. Quick Links Tab 
  3. Check the "Education History" box
  4. Save


How an Employee Adds Their Education History

Navigation Pathway: Log in as Employee > Menu > Information 

  1. My Preferences > Education History 
  2.  Action Drop Down Menu > Add New 
  3. Select Education Level 
    1. Available options include: High School or Equivalent, Certification, Vocational, Associates Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Doctorate, Professional, and Other 
  4. Enter School/Certification Description - text Box 
  5. Enter Degree/ Other Description - text Box 
  6. Save 


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