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Talent Management System API

Arcoro provides a RESTful API to allow you to build integrations directly to the Talent Management System. A RESTful API is a programmatic interface that uses HTTP requests to retrieve, send and manage data. Using an API allows you to automate data transfer from one system to another near real-time and removes the possibility of miss keying information. 

The API will:

  1. Be available over a secured Hyper Text Transport Protocal (https) connection
    • The API will be available only over the https protocol to allow for encrypted data during transport between the client and the API server.
  2. Implement a Uniform Interface
    • The API resources that are available will be identified in the URL. The representation of the resource will be available in JSON or XML format.
  3. Stateless Interactions
    • There will be no information stored on the server regarding the client context between requests. There will be data returned to the client with each response that will need to be provided to the server in future requests

To begin using the API, you must first contact your Arcoro implementation specialist or account manager. They will work with you to get you an API access key to allow access.

API Technical Guide

With the following link, you will find an overview of the API methods that can be managed through the API as well as access to the technical documentation that should be provided to your IT development staff to build the integration.


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