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Create Benefit Package: Step 3 - Configure Enrollment Screens - Plan Summary/Comparison

Commonly used for medical, dental, and vision benefits where employees are eligible for multiple plans, the administrator may place comparison of each of the plans for the employee to view. The rows added will be present for all plans selected and should compare the same data. Examples of this would be an ambulance, overnight stay, out-of-pocket, emergency room visit, outpatient therapy etc. The admin should provide the in-network vs. out-of-network value for each item being compared. This information is generally found on the plan summary provided by the carrier.


Employees may use and view the data from their employee portal by selecting the "Learn about your Benefits" Link on their personal employee portal. For this to be useful, the administrator must type in the in and out of network costs associated with each plan. The module must also be turned on for the employee under Setup > Setup Properties > Employee Portal Setup > Employee Portal > Modules. Learn about your benefits must be selected and saved. Administrators would only want to do this if employees could choose between two or three plans. If client offers three or four medical plans but employees are only eligible for one of the offerings, this comparison would not be beneficial.


Administrators may add rows for additional descriptions. Rows and descriptions filter over to all plans. Costs must be filled out for all plans being offered.


By Selecting "Learn About Your Benefits" from the employee portal, employees may now effectively compare two or three plans.


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