Employment Screening Management - Release Form Process

The release form process consists of steps for the applicant/employee to complete in order to give Aurico consent for the release of the information. Please note that some of the information that will be transferred to Aurico's release form is gathered from HRIS. This helps the user being screened not have to enter their information a second time. The information for the Employee screenings is pulled form the Employee demographic, and Recruiting sections. The information from the applicant is pulled from the Applicant profile that was created when the applicant applied for the position.

When the request is submitted, an email notification is sent to the person that is being screened.


Below is a step by step instructions on how to complete the consent form.

Step 1. Log into Aurico with the newly provided credentials using the link on the release email (imaged above).


Step 2. Online Background Screening Release notes.


Step. 3 Consent to use Electronic Signatures.


Step 4. Verify General Information.


Step 5. Address history.


Step 6. General information.


Step 7. Employment History.


Step 8. Education history.


Step 9. Professional License/Certification Verification.


Step 10. Summary of Rights.


Step 11. Disclosure and Authorization.


Step 12. Electronic signature

When the user completes the form, they will receive a final email and be notified that the process has been completed.

Aurico will then proceed to run the screening. It will typically take anywhere from 24 to 48 hour to receive your results.

Viewing Background Screening Results

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