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Create Benefit Package: Step 2 - Benefit Configuration: Step 2.6 - Pay Date Exclusions

The Pay Date Exclusion Tab is generally used for benefits like Flexible Spending Accounts. If you have the 'Benefit Properties' page set with a zero in the Pay Periods field under name and employer deduction code, then this tab would be used to exclude certain pay dates from the benefit deduction.

If your Check Dates pay schedule is set to 24 pay periods over the benefit year, but FSA is only deducted 12 times, then pay date exclusions can be used by selecting the pay schedule or pay schedules from the benefit plan year and selecting the pay dates to exclude.


  • Select Pay Schedule 
  • Select Year
  • Pay Check Dates will populate based on the Pay Schedule and Year Selected 
    • Check the box for any date that should be excluded from deductions and per pay
  • Click Save and Continue 
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