Create Benefit Package: Step 3 - Configure Enrollment Screens - Plan Documentation

Plan documentation is used when plan names that are visible to employees must be hyperlinked to populate plan summaries or carrier websites for additional knowledge on the benefits. Plan summaries from carriers are generally used here. Other options are web addresses. For plan summaries to appear, the document must first be uploaded into the HRIS system under Settings > Employee Portal Documents. Each plan in the benefit is able to be selected from the drop-down menu where a web address or document can then be added.

Additional Options

Enable the Information Hover feature for the selected Plan - Used when information needs to be displayed within event again as hover text. Scrolling over the plan name or selecting the "?" will enable text to appear for the employee. Text is written in by the administrator at the bottom of this page.

Use Hover Image - Enables an information icon which will appear next to the benefit plan that allows the employee to hover over it.


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