Employment Screening Management - Screening Results

After the release form has been completed Aurico will run the background checks. Upon completion, an email notification will be sent to the Administrator of the Aurico account. The notification email will report who the the background screening was for in the Subject line.

Logging into the applicant tracking portal and looking for the applicant will provide the link to the report.


By clicking the link, the HRIS will direct you to Aurico's website to view the report. This is done for security reasons, we have limited the access to the results. The results will only be made available to users of the system that have the information of the credentials that are required to login.

Upon logging into the Aurico Website, the link provided above (see red arrow) directs you to the final report with Aurico's result.

Below is a small sample of what the report may look for your package.


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