Employment Screening Management - Requesting Background Screening

When clicking on the Request Employment Screening button, the system will detect all the information that the applicant entered during the application process. The system will also detect your pre-configured Aurico credentials entered during the configuration process.


Clicking the submit button will bring up the link that will redirect the user to the Aurico website, which will load your custom Aurico packages.


The screen above will display the ability to upload the applicant's/employee's resume. As well as the ability to contact previous employers.
Below is a sample view of how your custom packages will load on the request screen.


Select the package that you would like to use for the background check, and click "Send Release".

This will send the applicant/employee the release form to allow Aurico to run the background check. The release form will include a log in name as well as a temporary password for the Aurico website so that the applicant can agree to the terms and provide consent.

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