Pay Rates for Employees in Core HR

The Payroll tab allows the administrator to track base pay compensation for the employee. The Pay Rates page breaks down the employee's compensation annually, by pay period, and hourly. It also displays Hours Worked, Over Time Rates, and Notes. The Pay Rates page also allows you to track both current and historical compensation records. The most current record will have a blank end date. The rest of the historical records should have a corresponding end date in order to run accurate compensation reports as well as allow compensation based benefits to calculate correctly.


The Pay Rates tab will show two options:

  • Create Compensation Rate Record
  • Delete Selected Record(s)


Create Compensation Rate Record

  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Create Compensation Rate Record.


  • Enter the relevant information for the compensation rate.


  • Click Save
  • Click Cancel to return to the Pay Rates tab.
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