ACA Overview for Home

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) introduced reporting requirements on data stored within the HRIS.

The Administrator ACA Dashboard allows for the configuration and review of ACA settings such as the Stability Period and Standard Measurement Period. Additionally, it provides additional reports and charts associated with measuring Full Time Equivalent based on configurable ACA settings.

For more information on the ACA click Here.

The ACA tab allows the configuration of ACA settings which include:

  • Stability Period
  • Standard Measurement Period

The calculation to determine Full Time Equivalency currently utilizes the following formula:
Weeks in Range = (Look Back Period Effective Date) - (Number of Look Back Months)
Total Hours in Look Back Period = ((Hours in Period from Time Clock) + (Hours in Period from Time Sheet) + (Paid Time Off Hours in Period))
Average Hours of Service = (Total Hours in Look Back Period) / (Weeks in Range)
If the Average Hours of Service is Greater Than or Equal to 30 Hours per week, then the employee is identified as Full Time Equivalent.

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