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Data Export Schedules for Core

Navigate to the Menu > Data > Exports > Schedules


In this section, users can view the schedules that are already created for each of their exports, as well as create new schedules for exports that will be going into production.  Users can also see failed exports and the reasons why the exports failed in the Execution Notes column.

To view a specific export's schedule, select the name of the export from the Selected Export drop down.  Alternatively, you can select 'All Exports' to see all schedules.


If a schedule was not already created when the export was built,  the following steps can be followed to create a schedule:

  1. Select the existing Export name from the dropdown
  2. Enter the number days between exports or the day of the month the export should run. For example, you could set it to run every 7 days, or every month on the 15th day.
  3. Select the time you'd like the export to run from the "At" dropdown arrow. Note: time choices are hourly from 12:00am to 11:00pm and this would be in MST.
  4. Enter a Start and End Date by manually entering the data or clicking on the calendar icon.
  5. If the export is contingent upon another export finishing successfully, the Category and Export Name dropdown arrows can be used to select the existing export that should complete before this current export executes. This is an optional feature that does not have to be used.
  6. Click the Create Recurring Schedule button to create the schedule. 


If at any time a schedule needs to be updated or deleted, you can Edit the schedule using the Edit icon, or delete it using the action menu.


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