Setup Information for Power BI

Power BI is an integration within the HCM which allows you to pull their information into Microsoft's Power BI product. Use the below steps to setup the Power BI:


Sign up for Power BI directly with Microsoft by clicking on tab in the Power BI module or by going to 

  1. From within the Administrator Portal within the HRIS, click on the hamburger menu, then Reports>>Power BI.
  2. Navigate to Sign Service Activation Agreement within the Power BI module under the "Service Activation" tab.
  3. On the Setup tab within the Power BI HRIS module, click on “Open in Power BI”
  4. Sign into Power BI
  5. Select “Get Data” at bottom right of screen
  6. Under “Microsoft AppSource”, click “Get” under “Services”
  7. Search for “InfinityHR” under the Apps and click “Get it Now”.


If you are experiencing issues with connecting to the content pack in, you can visit the page: 

Issues related to the Power BI API, data schema, token authorization failures, etc. will be directed to the Support Center within the HCM.

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