Millennium Sync Check List

This document is to be used in conjunction with the InfinityHR to M3 Interface document. This checklist is used by InfinityHR for Millennium Implementations and referred to prior to loading imports and again as a checklist during the testing process.

  • Department field: This is to be used when there is 1 company in InfinityHR and multiple in payroll.
    • If using Department – this needs to be a required field and Millennium company codes will need to be assigned to each employee.
    • Leave Department blank if it is 1 company in IHR and 1 company in payroll OR to prevent erroneous values enter the Millennium company code and assign to all employees.
  • Employee ID's: The assignment occurs in the Millennium setup process and this will sync over to infinity (see page 4 of Infinity HR to M3 Interface document).

*When an employee is added to Infinity and then sync’d to Millennium, it uses the Millennium stored procedures to add the employee to Millennium and increments the employee number as the employee is added in Millennium. The only way to assign employee numbers in Millennium would be to add the employees directly into Millennium, then sync. This was done intentionally in order to use the Millennium functionality for new hires.

  • Cost Centers: The Cost Center 1-5 values from InfnityHR exist at the company level in payroll OR the payroll company has default values specified for each level being utilized. This is configurable in the Department tab within Millennium. The values from payroll must then be entered in Infinity and assignments made for each employee. These values should be provided by the Client or Service Bureau.
  • State Tax: Each applicable state must be configured before you load the State Tax Import.
    • Setup > Setup Properties > Employee Portal > Quick Links Tab > Configure State Tax Settings.
    • Step 1: Select all applicable states and hit save.
    • Step 2: You must configure one state at a time. This should be done with the assistance of the Client or Service Bureau. Do not use the “All my selected states above” option it does not retain values across each state.

*State of Arizona: Check "Show Percentages Withholdings" and configure percentages. This is the only state that should be configured this way.

  • Direct Deposits: The Sync program handles the prioritization of direct deposit records. The priority field on the direct deposit screen in Infinity does not sync to Millennium. See page 6 of Infinity HR to M3 Interface document for more details.

*Direct deposits in Millennium are added using the Millennium object model. The start date is always the currently selected check date and the end date is always 12-31-2100. Only one 100% direct deposit (Full) may be synced to Millennium. The middleware will error if more than one Full direct deposit exists in Infinity.
Priorities (order of processing) are assigned by the middleware. Flat amounts will be processed first (lowest priority number of 0), percentage amounts will be processed second (priority of 1), Full amount will be processed last (priority of 2). If multiple percents or amounts are added, the smallest will be processed first.
Prenotes are controlled in Millennium at the company level. If a company is setup to prenote new accounts, then prenotes are created when the first payroll is processed and the Prenote Date field is populated in Millennium. When the next payroll is processed, the direct deposit should occur (based upon how this is setup at the company level). A history of direct deposits is not kept in Millennium. It will always mirror the direct deposit setup in InfinityHR.

  • E/D codes:
    • Request deduction codes (E/D codes) from the Service Bureau for benefits that will be synching.
    • Place at Plan level in Plan Code field.
    • ER Contributions - if syncing, the ER Deduction Code should be place at the Benefit level in the Earning Deduction Code field.
    • If 100% ER Paid, you still need deduction codes in both spots.
    • Separate E/D Codes are required for all benefits. For example, all Voluntary Life Benefits (EE, Spouse and Child) Medical, Dental, Vision, etc. will need to have separate codes.
    • 401K - Two deduction codes are required in payroll, one for percentage and one for dollar amount.
  • Required fields: These must be populated and marked as required (if applicable). Refer to Millennium Setup notes documents for field configuration requirements.
    • Pay Schedule
    • Termination Reason
    • Employee Type
    • Ethnicity
    • EEO Class
    • Workers Comp Code
    • Time Manager - if you want the Supervisor field in Millennium to be updated
    • Tax Form
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