M3 Middleware Release Notes

Version - 1/26/2016 RE Millennium

  • Updated deduction logic to support a PreTax/PostTax Split using the Deduction Code Alt 1 and Deduction Code Alt 2 values in HR.
  • Updated the Pay Schedule > Frequency Mapping to read 27 pay periods in HR as a "B" frequency.
  • Updated Deduction Rate values form HR to explicitly use standard rounding rules, where before the middleware was rounding to the nearest even number.

Version - 6/29/2015 RE Millennium

  • Updated error handling around Accruals Sync.
  • Added additional Error Codes to Accruals Sync.
  • Corrected error that occurs when Last Sync Date is null when processing accruals.

Version - 10/15/2014 RE Millennium

  • Updated GA State Tax Logic to handle allowances greater than 2 when Filing Status = MJ1. Any Allowances greater than 2 will apply the difference in the 2nd Allowances Bucket. All other filing statuses will Overflow into the 2nd Allowances Bucket when Allowances are greater than 1.

Version - 06/05/2014 RE Millennium

  • Added logic specific to Georgia State Taxes to handle allowances greater than 2, and apply the difference into the 2nd Allowances bucket.
  • Added functionality to sync PTO Accruals from payroll to HR.
  • Revised HR Compensations synchronization to avoid payroll employees from having no rate record in payroll.

Version - 02/19/2014    RE: Millennium

  • Updated interface for use with current Millennium release.
  • Revised new payroll employee creation to handle erroneous
  • Millennium ACA record error.
  • Expanded synchronization of company supervisors to allow addition of supervisors from HR to payroll. (If there are supervisors assigned in Infinity, but not designated in Payroll, then the Time Manager is assigned in Payroll.)
  • Fixed an issue with SITW tax record status for state tax exempt employees in states without an "M" filing status.
  • Revised company selection to show companies by alphabetical order.

Version - 05/20/2013     RE: Millennium v3.29.63.825

  • Revised the routing number format validation to exclude inactive direct deposit accounts.

Version - 04/26/2013     RE: Millennium v3.29.63.825

  • Revised HR to payroll payrates synchronization to now fully support zero (0) rates in HR.
  • Added export to Excel spreadsheet of tables for Setup, Validate, and Synchronize results.
  • Added additional user message information to include number of HR employees per company.
  • Added routing transit number format validation for direct deposit accounts.
  • Tested with latest HR Service Pack release--note: no new HR fields are being utilized.

Version - 02/12/2013    RE: Millennium v3.29.59.783

  • Beta Test only release of v1.0.3.35.

Version - 02/03/2013     RE: Millennium v3.29.59.783

  • Revised W2 Upload process to require an "INFINITY" W2 special tax form (4up Regular) in payroll.
  • Added HR Data Exclusions settings to Admin UI "Company Settings" tab page for reference.
  • Added Employee SSN and processed / calculated validations to paystubs and W2 generation.
  • Added Email Test button to Admin UI to allow testing of the sync error email deliveries.
  • Added Next Paystubs Upload Date field to Admin UI based on payroll current check date.
  • Further enhanced various aspects of the Admin UI for improved user interaction.

Version - 02/01/2013     RE: Millennium v3.29.59.783

  • Beta Test only internal release of v1.0.3.34.

Version - 01/25/2013     RE: Millennium v3.29.59.783

  • Fixed various issues with the Sync, Paystub, and W2 console applications.
  • Improved consistency of synchronization error email processing and sending.
  • Added Additional Percentage Withholding on HR State Tax record to synchronization. 

Version - 01/14/2013     RE: Millennium v3.29.58.770

  • Incorporated a newly developed HR web method required for employee W2 uploads.

Version - 01/11/2013      RE: Millennium v3.29.58.770

  • Fixed an issue with synchronization where the payroll employee ID was not reliably being updated in HR.
  • Added second attempt at eliminating spurious runtime errors of "Attempted to read or write protected memory...".

Version - 01/08/2013      RE: Millennium v3.29.58.770

  • Beta Test only release of v1.0.3.3.

Version - 12/28/2012      RE: Millennium v3.29.58.770 & v3.29.57.756

  • Significantly improved both paystub and W2 processing performance for upload to HR.
  • Revised UI user message areas to provide for better process monitoring information.

Version - 12/23/2012      RE: Millennium v3.29.57.756

  • Revised deduction and fringe benefit processing to sync with payroll only on or after an HR Effective Date.
  • Added "Sync Deductions Start" date entry to Admin Console UI to set HR Effective Date for above processing.
  • Enhanced UIs to allow full sorting of any column in the Setup, Validate, and Sync results form areas.
  • Fixed an issue with HR "District of Columbia" State not translating to payroll "Washington DC" state.
  • Fixed an issue with payroll cost centers set to "N/A" when blank in HR and not required in payroll.
  • Added first attempt at eliminating spurious runtime errors of "Attempted to read or write protected memory...". 

Version - 12/13/2012      RE: Millennium v3.29.57.756

  • Release to allow functionality with latest payroll application release.
  • Fixed a number of issues that were resulting in object errors at runtime.

Version - 12/10/2012      RE: Millennium v3.29.56.721

  • Increased employee validations for federal tax information and added federal tax filing status validation.
  • Further revised state tax synchronization to exclude all 1099 employees (i.e., 1099M and 1099R tax forms).
  • Improved deduction and fringe benefit validations and processing and preserve payroll deduction/earning history.
  • Fixed an issue with W2 uploads where the user specified file path was not being correctly processed.
  • Revised HR employee data downloads to an employee-by-employee basis for better performance and user feedback.
  • Added real time processing updates to the UI forms message and status bar areas that now show validate/sync progress.
  • Incorporated HR company data exclusion settings into HR employee processing.

Version - 11/08/2012      RE: Millennium v3.29.56.718

  • Fixed an issue with state tax processing where payroll taxes were not consistently being updated.
  • Fixed an issue with the UI where an unhandled exception error was thrown in creating the form(s) on some platforms.
  • Fixed an issue with Original Hire Date not properly populating payroll hire date.
  • Increased employee validations for state tax information and added state tax filing status validation.
  • Excluded employee validations for missing tax form; if a tax form is present, it will still be validated.
  • New payroll employees will be initially created with the tax form present if valid; otherwise W2.
  • Revised state tax synchronization to exclude employees terminated in HR and 1099M employees.
  • Added home phone number, mobile phone number, and work email address to synchronization.

Version - 11/01/2012      RE: Millennium v3.29.56.718

  • Updated SITW, SUI, and filing status processing for HR employees with non-default tax states.
  • Updated 401K benefits processing to better utilize the HR Benefits Structure for Retirements Benefits.
  • Updated Direct Deposits processing to utilize ABA Routing number, account number, and account type to match existing records.
  • Updated employee linking function to utilize the HR PayrollEmployeeID and InfinityHREmployeeID data if no match found by SSN.
  • Enhanced Web service values to best allow syncs for larger companies.
  • Added HR Pay Schedule to synchronize with payroll pay frequency.
  • Added HR Tax Form to synchronize with payroll tax form.

Version - 10/01/2012

  • Web service timeout increased from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. (Used to sync large groups)

Version - 10/01/2012

  • Masked Social Security Numbers for security purposes in emails.

Version - 9/27/2012

  • When syncing a new employee into payroll, if the PayrollEmployeeID field is populated in HR the process attempts to use that ID in payroll instead of the next in sequence.
  • Fixed an issue with the GeneratePaystubs command line utility not executing properly.
  • Moved SOAP client binding configuration into class instantiation code rather than depending on the app.config files to reduce application complexity.
  • Re-enabled W2 generation and upload via admin console and command line utility. Uses SSN as key like the paystub upload.

Version - 9/25/2012

  • Masked Social Security Numbers for security purposes in emails.

Version - 9/25/2012

  • Changed sync logic to mark the sync as not successful when an employee fails a validation. This will trigger an email notification to the admin.

Version - 9/19/2012

  • Added validation for web service exclusion feature in HR

Version - 9/07/2012

  • Revamped paystub generation and upload process. Generate and upload now takes place in a single step. Greatly enhanced error reporting and handling. Admin console now provides real-time feedback for operation progress. A time-stamped log file is now generated in the "Log" folder under the paystubs folder.
  • Modified the Deductions/Earnings sync to use the "EDCode" field from HR to determiine the earning code to use in payroll.
  • Moved email settings into the Admin Console to be stored on a per company basis in the database. This will allow settings to be consistent between the UI and command line utilities.

Version - 08/30/2012

  • Extended error handling for pay stub uploads to expose specific error messages related to the pay stub generation.

Version - 08/28/2012

  • Added logic to handle (2) new federal filing statuses (NRA/NRM)

Version - 08/23/2012

  • Added options in the Admin Console for enabling/disabling the sync of Federal and State taxes.
  • Modified the state tax sync to directly bring over the value for filing status from Infinity into payroll with no conversion.

Version - 08/13/2012

  • Modified adding a matching earning in payroll for any deductions in HR that have PerPayEmployerCost <> 0 only if the earning is in the INFINITY code group in payroll.
  • Version - 08/13/2012
  • Modified paystub generation/upload to use employee SSN instead of Infinity ID.
  • Fixed an issue with adding a matching earning in payroll for any deductions in HR that have PerPayEmployerCost <> 0.

Version - 07/30/2012

  • Removed Release Note from User Console program.
  • Modified Deductions sync to add a matching earning in payroll for any deductions in HR that have PerPayEmployerCost <> 0.

Version - 06/27/2012

  • Modified employee sync to only validate and synchronize the first 10 characters of the Ethnicity and Term Reason to accomodate the field length limitation in Millennium.
  • Revamped the Single Sign-On system. There is now a button on the main page labeled "Launch HR" that will open the Infinity HR web site in the user's browser and automatically log them in.
  • The Admin Console will now remember the last company that was selected.
  • Revamped the Direct Deposit sync to better handle deleted items in HR and to only update accounts that match. The only direct deposits that will be deleted from payroll are ones that do not have a match in HR. The sequence will also be reordered in payroll to flat amounts descending then percentages decending.

Version - 06/04/2012

  • Modified Federal tax sync to allow updating taxes in payroll that had the "additionalPercentage" field populated. Previsouly these were not updated due to the field not existing in IHR.

Version - 05/30/2012

  • Modified employee sync to ignore a default value of "**Select**" for the "Ethnicity" field from IHR.
  • Modified Federal tax sync to evaluate the "MaritalStatus" field for a single letter value first and then fall back to the full word value evaluation.
  • Modified employee sync to try to fix the issue (thought to be previously resolved) where the cost centers would not sync on existing employees unless defaults were set in payroll.
  • Fixed an issue with the new fields used by the Federal and State tax sync.

Version - 05/25/2012

  • Modified state tax sync to use the new "IsActive" field in IHR to determine which state tax is synced into payroll.
  • Modified Federal and State tax sync to use the new "OverridePercent" and "OverrideAmount" fields in IHR. If either of these fields are non-zero then the "overrideTaxCalc" field is checked in payroll, the "OverridePercentage" field updates the "additionalPercentage" field in payroll and the "OverrideAmount" field updates the "additionalAmount" field in payroll.

Version - 05/11/2012

  • Fixed an issue where the Federal tax filing status would not sync properly due to inconsistent case of the status.
  • Added an option to enable/disable the sync of supervisors.
  • Fixed an issue where the cost centers would not sync on existing employees unless defaults were set in payroll.
  • Added options to enable/disable the sync of custom user fields.
  • Modified employee status sync to only update payroll according to a static list.
  • Modified Rates sync so that only "Base" rate is evaluated in payroll. Any additional rate codes will not be affected.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive direct deposits from HR were being evaluated, causing the sync to bring over all direct deposits on every sync.
  • Added an option to allow the paystubs to be generated on X number of days before the check date.

Version - 04/25/2012

  • Added sync exclusion for Supervisor (PTO Manager) value of "System Process" in IHR.
  • Changed location of Infinity HR Employee Id storage in payroll from the "clock" field to "mailStop".
  • Added sync exclusion for "empStatus" field value of "X" in payroll.
  • Fixed an issue where the path settings on the pay stub generation in the admin console were not being updated/saved immediately.

Version - - 04/17/2012

  • Added "Admin Console".
  • Revamped company implementation.
  • Added stand alone command line executables for each of the processes (for scheduling).
  • Various bug fixes and routine changes.
  • Temporarily disabled W2 generation and upload due to application changes. This will be re-enabled in a future release.

Version - 04/01/2012

  • Initial release.
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