Core HR to M3 Interface End User Sync Program

When the user launches the program, they are presented with a login dialog. (Note: If the user name, password, and database parameters are all supplied to the program exe then the login dialog is not displayed. Rather the program will launch directly into the main window. See the section “Configuring Program Parameters”. This is most commonly used when publishing the interface program via terminal server/Citrix.)


The user will enter their username and password that has been assigned to them by the payroll service bureau and select the Millennium database that will be synchronized with the infinity HR system. After the user has been authenticated, they will see the main screen of the interface program.

Main Window

The main window of the interface program consists of 2 main sections:

  1. Company Information Area – The information area is at the top of the window and displays the company name, the “member” company codes in the payroll system that are associated with the Infinity company and the last successful sync time, if applicable. This section also includes a “Full Sync” checkbox that allows the user to control whether or not to perform a full or incremental synchronization.
  2. Navigation Tabs – Under the information area is the navigation tabs section of the program which consists of 2 tabs:
    1. Synchronize Employee
    2. Raw Data View


Synchronize Employees

On the “Synchronize Employees” tab there is a large “Sync Button” which, when clicked, performs synchronization.

To the right of the Sync Button is the “Message Area” which will display any errors, messages or other feedback for the user.

Below the Sync Button and the Message Area is the “Results Grid”. When synchronization is performed, the Results Grid is populated with a color coded row for each employee that is returned from the Infinity system. A green row indicates a successful synchronization for that employee. In the “Message Field” of the Results Grid, a message indicating whether or not the employee was updated or added as a new employee will be displayed. A red row indicates an error was encountered while attempting to update or create the employee. Failed data validations will also produce a red error row. (See the section “Data Validations”.) The reason for data validation failure or any error messages encountered will be displayed in the Message Field of the Results Grid. If the company is enabled for error e-mail forwarding (configured at the company level in the Admin Console) then the recipients configured will receive a copy of the errors encountered. Success messages will not be included in the generated e-mail.



The “Launch HR” button utilizes the Infinity HR Single Sign-On (SSO) to automatically display the Infinity system. The user must be properly configured both in Infinity and payroll for this to function (see the section “Admin Console > User Setup”).


Raw Data View

The “Raw Data View” tab merely displays the data returned from the Infinity system in a read-only, grid format. This is mainly used for troubleshooting of employee synchronization errors.



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