Core HR to M3 Interface Overview

The “Core HR to M3 Interface” program provides a mechanism for synchronizing employee data between the HR system and the payroll system. The Interface has been designed to be as flexible as possible in regards to configuration and setup. The HR system is meant to be the “master” system. This means that the employees should be set up and managed in HR and synchronized to the payroll system. Since the two systems are so different, certain rules must be followed both in setup and usage of the system. This document details the rules and caveats associated with using the interface. It should also be understood that each payroll service bureau may approach company setup differently. These differences should also be taken into consideration when using the system.

For the purposes of this document, the company that resides in the HR system will be referred to as the “HR company” and the company(s) that reside in the Millennium 3 payroll system will be referred to as the “payroll company”. Employees will also be referred to as the “HR employee” and the “payroll employee”, respectively.

Please read this document in its entirety before implementing or using the interface program. Please note: The Millennium release employed for the testing and documentation of this version of the "Core HR to M3 Interface" is v3.29.76.1003.

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