Before the end client can start calling the exposed services it must first be authenticated against the web service trust. This is done by passing the vendor ID and associated password to the service to be verified. The web service will validate that the consumer of the service has been granted access to the application data for their specific company and will return a response object for further web service processing.

Authentication Method

The authenticate method is the first method that must be called before a successful connection to the service can be established. The method receives an Authentication Request Object (AuthRequest.xsd) with the vendor’s credentials. After processing, the method will return an Authentication Response Object (AuthResponse.xsd) that provides a Session ID to use for further communication with the service. Note that this session ID returned is time sensitive and will expire after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Web Method Input Output Comments
Authenticate AuthRequest AuthResponse  

Authentication Request Object (AuthRequest.xsd)

The authentication request object is an XML package that is sent to the InfinityHR service for authentication. It contains the following elements in the table below used to authenticate a consumer to the service.

Data Element Type Required Comments
VendorID String Yes  
VendorPwd String Yes  

Authentication Reponse Object

The authentication response object is an XML package that is sent from the InfinityHR service after authentication has been validated. Upon a successful validation, the response object will contain a session ID that the end client can use to access all other exposed web methods. Without a valid session ID, all other web service methods will fail.

Data Element Type Comments
SessionID Guid Must be passed with all other invocations of web service methods.
IsVendorActive Boolean Indicates if the vendor is marked active in the InfinityHR system
SessionStart DateTime Gets a value indicating the start time of the vendor’s session.
SessionEnd DateTime Gets a value indicating the end time that the vendor’s session will expire.
SyncDate DateTime Gets a value indicating the last date/time the service  was successfully called. Note that this does not indicate the last  date/time a successful sync was performed. This service only exposes  data and is not responsible for determining the status of a sync  operation beyond the querying of data.

Authenticate Session Method

The authenticate session method is an internal method that is used to validate a caller’s credentials once a successful authentication has occurred. The authenticate session method is responsible for validating the Vendor ID and Session ID and determining if the session is still valid. This method is logged and can be executed from the Web Service Dashboard of the admin portal in the event you need to troubleshoot a connection issue with the HR web service.

Authentication Exceptions

The following exceptions are thrown for the Authenticate method.

Exception Name Cause(s) Comments
VendorNotFoundException Occurs when a VendorID is not on file with the system.  
VendorNotActiveException Occurs when a vendor has been located but is set to an inactive status  
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