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Public Web Service Methods Notes

The Upsert web method is intended to be used with groups that wish to push employee data to the HRIS in order to have the third party system act as the system of record for employee data. The web method provides the ability to insert or update an employee record depending on the existence of a record with a matching Social Security Number. Because the employee data is being pushed to the HRIS, this method will provide the basis to create a basic employee record in the HR system. Only basic demographic information is upserted to the database.

In addition, in order to create an employee record, certain lookup values are needed to populate into the EmployeeInfo object. Those lookup values are bolded in the web method definition above. To provide the consumer of the service the most flexibility in order to upsert a record, field value lookup web methods have been created to aid in retrieving these lookup values. Note that this is important because these lookup values are group specific and foreign key constraints are enforced. The textual value of lookup should be used when populating these properties.

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