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How to Let Employees View Benefits On Their Homepage

  • Go to Setup > Setup Properties


  • Hover over Employee Portal Setup and click Employee Portal. 


  • Enable Benefit Statements and click Save.
    • You can choose to have your employees be able to view only benefit statements or the total benefit statement. Should you wish to allow employees to view the total benefit statement you can configure the total benefit statements using the same above path.


What The Employee Sees

From the Employee Portal, they can see the following Benefit Statement options:




Click Magnifying_Glass_-_00.pngto view a Benefit Statement for a selected date range:


The following window will appear:


*Please note that for the benefit statements a new date range will be populated any time there is a new date range created for that employee's benefits. This will happen if the employees have had one or both of the two scenarios listed below:

  1. If an employee has a mid-year change a new statement will be populated as of the start date of that mid-year change until the latest expiration date on file for the employee.
  2. If the employee has benefits that end earlier than other benefits then a new statement would populate with the effective date after the end of those benefits and an expiration date of the latest benefit expiration date on file for that employee.
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