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Complete Guide for Performance for Employee Portal

The Performance section allows employees to access information relating to their Position, Goals, and Performance Reviews. Please use the Tabs below to access the various components of Performance .

To view Performance, click Performance from the menu.



My Position

The My Position tab details the position currently held and the name of the performance manager. The following information will appear like so:


My Goals


Position Goals

Position Goals show any goals for all employees with the given position.


Personal Goals

Personal Goals show any goals for the given individual. From the Actions drop-down menu, employees can:

  • Create Goal
    • Create a new personal goal.
  • Submit Selected for Approval
    • Clicking this link will mark each goal (selected in the table below) as 'pending for approval' as well as update the Date Submitted for Approval field. 
    • Submitting goals for approval will not automatically notify a manager. Generally, notifications are completed through a corresponding Workflow - please check the homepage to see if a workflow is pending.
  • Delete Selected Records
    • Clicking this link will delete each goal selected in the table below. Only goals with a Status of 'Pending' or 'Denied' can be deleted.


My Skills

Review and adjust skills for Performance tracking.


My Reviews

The My Reviews section gives employees access to all reviews that have been created for them and allows them to complete their review. They can print it once all review records have been completed for the same Review Date.


For each record, the employee can see the Review Date, the Reviewer, the Review Form used for the review, the date the review was completed by each reviewer, the date the review was signed by each reviewer, and the score of the review by each reviewer. **Employees cannot view the Review Form of any reviewer other than themselves.**

For an employee's self review, they can begin or continue the review by clicking the name of the review form next to their name. When the employee begins a review, a wizard will step them through completing their review. There will be tabs/steps for each item included in the Weighting / Optional Items tab in the Admin Portal.


The Management tab provides the following options to manage other employee's performance:

  • Personal Goals
  • Reviews
  • Positions


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