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Custom Import - Create Custom Data Import Record

The Properties tab allows HRIS Administrators to configure a Custom Import from an external FTP server to the HRIS.

Custom Import Properties Tab


  • Enter an Import Name
  • Enter an Import Type
  • Select an Import Format. Note: Fixed Length files are in text (.txt) format.
  • Enter a Worksheet name (used when importing from an Excel file (.xls or .csv)
  • Enter a field count (number of fields to import)
  • Click the applicable checkboxes for the Import
  • Select the appropriate radio button for the location of the external file. Note: if selecting the FTP
  • Server option, enter the login credentials for the HRIS to fetch the file.
  • Enter a Notification Address (Email Address) of users that should be alerted when the Import executes
  • Use the checkbox for email notifications in the event of Import errors
  • Click Save Properties

Custom Import Field Mapping Tab

The Field Mappings tab allows HRIS Administrators to map fields in the Import to the appropriate fields in the HRIS. Note: the Import text seen below will change depending upon the Import type selected.


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