Create Export - Benefits

The benefits tab contains a list of benefit packages configured within the system with a checkbox next to each benefit package. Once selected, all benefits contained within the benefit package will appear on the screen.

In the data type is set to Benefit on the Properties tab, the Benefits tab will be an option.



The Benefits tab will populate on the page within a table. The table contains six columns: select, benefit, package, carrier, group by code, and duplicate in export. The descriptions for each column are as follows:

  • Select - The title of the column is select. The rows in this column appear as check boxes. Selecting the checkbox next to the desired benefit will pull that benefit and the subscribers enrolled into the export. 
  • Benefit - This is the name at the benefit level of the benefits configured within the system (e.g. medical, dental, etc.).
  • Package - This field populates the name of the package selected to be included in the export. This is especially helpful if the user is selecting multiple benefit packages into the export.
  • Carrier - The carrier is configured on the benefit plan level of the benefit configuration. When a benefit plan is assigned a carrier, the carrier will appear in this column. If a benefit plan is not assigned a carrier, this field will be blank. It is important that carriers are always assigned to benefit plans, as this is a deciding factor for an EDI specialist when configuring an EDI file.
  • Group By Code - This is used primarily by EDI specialists when configuring an EDI file to send to carriers. Data in this field allows for the file to group all benefit plans under the selected benefit by one code. Other use cases include the instance when a benefit must be duplicated in the file, and the user needs to code the difference between the duplicated benefits.
  • Duplicate in Export - The last column contains the duplicate in export function. To utilize this function, the user must select a benefit in the select column. Once selected, the user should click "save" to save the data. Then, clicking "Duplicate in Export" will duplicate the selected benefit. Once duplicated, it is recommended that the user utilize the Group By Code field to label the benefits. 
  • Click Save.
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