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Work History Import Layout

The layout below can be used to import Work History into the HRIS. Column Headers must be provided in the import file and the order of the columns must match the order specified in the table below. The import file must have the same number of columns as indicated in the table below, as well.

General Information on Importing Data

For general information on importing data including supported formats and common questions see Imports Overview

When is a Record Added vs Updated?

If an existing record is found using the key fields ([key]) identified below, the HRIS will update that record

Column Header

Data Type

Max Field Length



 Employee SSN/Employee ID






Unique; must be numeric. Must match an existing record in system.

Company   Text      Yes

 Job Title   Text      Yes  
City   Text      Yes  
State   Text   =2   Yes Must be a valid state abbreviation.
Start Date   Date     Yes  
End Date   Date      
Work Description   Text      
Business Type   Text      
Business Phone   Text      
Supervisor   Text      
Supervisor Phone   Text      
Salary Start   Text      
Salary End   Text      
Address   Text      
Zip   Text      
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