Direct Deposit Import Layout

The layout below can be used to import Employee Direct Deposit information into the HRIS. Column Headers must be provided in the import file and the order of the columns must match the order specified in the table below. The import file must have the same number of columns as indicated in the table below, as well.

General Information on Importing Data

For general information on importing data including supported formats and common questions see Imports Overview

  Incorrect Data Formats with Excel

Before importing the file into Core HR, verify that data such as the Direct Deposit account numbers are showing properly in Excel before importing or save the import file to a CSV file format and double-check the values in a text editor such as Notepad.

This is due to Microsoft Excel automatically formatting longer numbers into scientific notation or formating data to another format when creating, editing, or opening an Excel file. If this automatic data formatting is saved, it can result in incorrect values being imported into Core HR.

When is a Record Added vs Updated?

If an existing record is found using the key fields ([key]) identified below, the HRIS will update that record

Column Header Data Type Max Field Length Required Notes
Employee SSN Text <=20 Yes Unique; must be numeric. Must match an existing record in system.
Bank Name Text   Yes The name of the banking institution.
Account Number Numeric   Yes The account number associated with this banking account.
Routing Number Numeric   Yes The bank account routing number.
Deposit Account Type Text <=20 Yes Indicates the type of account that the direct deposit will be allocated to. Valid options are: (Checking | Savings )
Deposit Amount Numeric   Yes Amount of deposit * You can enter (Full Amount) to display a full amount record. If you use the deposit amount field, deposit percent is not required.
Deposit Percent Numeric   Yes The percentage amount of total the total amount to deposit for the selected account. If you use the deposit percent field, deposit amount is required.
EDCode Text <=100   Optional. Earning Code associated with payroll.
Start Date Date 10 Yes The date in which the direct deposit record should be effective.
Stop Date Date 10   Optional. The expiration date of this direct deposit record. This date can be left blank if it is the most current direct deposit record.
Yes/No     Optional. Indicates if the pre-note should be overridden in a payroll integration. Valid values are Yes|No. If left blank, it will default to "No".
Priority Numeric     Optional. The priority field is a numeric value starting at 1 that indicates the sequence in of the direct deposit. A record with a value of 1 will be applied first and so on and so forth. Typically this field is utilized by accounts who are actively synchronizing data with third party payroll systems.
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