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How to Approve Your Time Card on ExakTime Connect

If you have been given permission, you can approve your own time card for a given pay period. Approving your time card will let you and your ExakTime administrator know your time card and what hours you should be receiving appears correct to you.

 Approve a Complete Time Card Only

We advise approving a time card at or near the end of your pay period. If the time card has been approved, any future records from reaching your time card. While the records are not lost, approving your time card prematurely can result in an incomplete time card and can delay any of your company's policies/procedures.

  • Click My Time Card or click Time Cards and click My Time Card from the top-menu bar, depending on your permissions.


  • Make sure that the correct pay period is selected. You cannot approve time for a pay week or a custom date range.


  • Review your time card and make sure that your time records and hours are correct. If anything looks incorrect, contact your ExakTime Connect administrator through company approved channels for further inquiry/assistance.


  • Click Approve Time if everything looks correct.
    • The "Approve Time" button will not be available if you are not viewing a pay period, if the time card is blank, and/or if you are not allowed to approve a time card with exceptions (e.g. incomplete time records or overlapping time records).


  • After your time card has been approved, you will see a small green checkmark in the summary area.


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