How to Assign ExakTime Connect Security Roles

An employee's ExakTime Connect security role controls what employees can see and do in ExakTime Connect. By default, we offer an Administrator and Employee role. The Administrator role allows unrestricted access of ExakTime Connect, while the Employee role is limited to only see their own time card by default.

  Additional Information

For more information relating to ExakTime Connect security roles, you can refer to ExakTime Connect Security Roles Walkthrough.

  • Go to Manage and go to Employees.


  • Click the "Edit" icon (blue pencil) to the left of the employee's name.


  • Scroll downwards toward the Security Roles section, specify the ExakTime Connect Security Role with the drop-down menu and enter the employee's username and email.
    • Only administrators can add another administrator to ExakTime Connect. The "Administrator" role will not be listed in the drop-down menu for non-administrators.


  • Click Save when finished.
  • The employee will soon receive an email with a link verify their email address and create their password. This email is valid for 72-hours. If the employee is unable to verify their email address, you will need to resend the verification email. If you are unsure how to do this, you can refer to How to Resend a Verification Email.


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