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How to Assign ExakTime Mobile Security Roles Through Employee Profile

An Employee's ExakTime Mobile security role designates what permissions that employee has in ExakTime Mobile such as Administrative or Employee access.

  • Go to Manage in the Menu bar and click Employees.


  • Click the blue pencil to the left of an Employee's name.


  • Scroll downwards toward the "ExakTime Mobile and Connect Access" section, specify the ExakTime Mobile Security Role with the drop-down menu and enter the unique PIN (4-10 digits) that the employee should use.
    • By default, we offer Administrator, Supervisor, and Employee. The Administrator role offers the most permission while the Employee role offers the least permission.
    • The PIN is used by the employee to log in to ExakTime Mobile and identify themselves on any copy of ExakTime Mobile connected to your company. It can help to create a pattern for the employee PIN so it is easier to create and remember amongst your employees.
    • If the employee only needs limited access to ExakTime Mobile, then you can select the default "Employee" role as it generally covers the basics.
    • For additional information about ExakTime Mobile security roles, you can refer to Guide to ExakTime Mobile Security Roles.


  • Click Save when finished. There will be a short delay while the employee's ExakTime Mobile PIN information is automatically prepared for ExakTime Mobile use in the background. After the short delay, the employee should be able to sign in to any copy of ExakTime Mobile.
  • For more information about setting up ExakTime Mobile and for handouts you can provide employees, please refer to the following dedicated article.
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