How to Enter an Expense from ExakTime Mobile

Expenses allow you and your employees to track expenses incurred throughout the day. These expenses can be entered from within ExakTime Connect or from the field with ExakTime Mobile.

If in the appropriate ExakTime Mobile security role, an employee can add their own expense from ExakTime Mobile.

  Additional Information

If you have not set up expenses or would like to learn more, you can refer to In-Depth: Expenses 

After signing in with their PIN, click the three lines in the top left.


In the menu, tap Expense.


You will enter the necessary information to create the Expense. Required information includes the date of the expense, today will be auto-filled in, but you can edit this field. Other required information includes selecting the employee, location, expense type, and amount for the expense. Comments are optional. Expense types are predetermined items created by an Exaktime Connect administrator. For any questions on which expense type to choose please contact your company's internal Exaktime Connect administrator. 


After an expense has been saved, it will be sent on the next sync or to send this Expense immediately, open the side menu and click Sync.

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