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How to Transfer Keytabs/Keyfobs to a Different Employee

If a set of keytabs/keyfobs are ever passed between different employees, you will need to reassign them so the time records generated by the keytabs are attributed to the correct employee. This is done by transferring the keytabs and setting the effective date of when the keytabs were to have changed hands, allowing the ExakTime system to attribute the records from the previous employees to the current employee. The clock in/outs associated with the previous employee will not be lost with this process.

  • Go to Manage then click on Employees.


  • Find the employee that will be receiving the keytabs and click the Edit icon to the left of the employee name.


  • Click the  Keytabs tab.


  • Click Transfer Keytabs.


  • In the drop-down menu, find the Employee you wish to transfer their keytabs from. You can select either all the keytabs for the employee, or specific keytabs.


  • Click Transfer when finished. The keytabs will be listed below with the note "Unsaved Changes."


  • Click Save at the bottom of the page. The keytabs transfer is now permanent.


Adjusting The Effective Date For A KeyTab

Whenever a keytab is added/transferred to an employee, it will use the date and time of your computer at the time of adding/transferring to determine the effective date.

The effective date for a keytab makes it so any time records generated by the keytab are attributed to the current keytab holder instead of the previous employee.

The effective date cannot be made earlier than the first time the keytab was added to ExakTime Connect.

If the keytab(s) already exist in the system, then you can adjust the effective date, but it cannot be made earlier than the previous effective date.

For the steps on adjusting the effective date of a keytab, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

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