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How to Use the Column Manager for ExakTime Connect

While we put certain columns for pages such as Time Card Detail or Employee lists, they can be adjusted to include more or less information.


The column manager icon is located on any page that allows customization of the available columns. For example, you can adjust the columns for the time card details page so you can focus on the columns you need. 

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Adjusting Columns and Grouping

Some pages allow you to add/remove columns, adjust column order, and grouped up.

  • To adjust what columns viewed, you can drag the columns from the "Hide" section to the "Show" section or vice-versa. Any column option with a Lock icon cannot be hidden. The order of the columns can be adjusted by clicking and dragging them up and down the list.


  • The information can be grouped up by a column option.


  • Custom fields can be used to provide additional information when viewing information. There are a few default custom fields such as "Job Type". Custom fields will be labeled with blue. If you would like more information about custom fields, please refer to the following article.


Time Card Columns

The Time Card Details page only allows you to specify what columns are shown/hidden and the column order. You can also show columns for custom fields and ExakTime Mobile Forms Responses.


Adjusting Column Width

Depending on the number of columns added, you may also need to resize the widths in order to see fully see the data.

  1. Hover over the left or right side of the column you wish to resize.
  2. When the cursor changes shape, click and drag to set the desired size.


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