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Setting Up and Using Connect Clock

In addition to Jobclocks and ExakTime Mobile, it is possible for employees to clock in or out via online through the ExakTime Connect website using a feature called Connect Clock. This can be useful for office personnel with access to a computer who need to log hours.

Enabling Connect Clock is a matter checking the right boxes, but there are some additional steps needed to make sure the necessary employees have what they need in order to use it. 

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Enabling Connect Clock for your Company

To begin using Connect Clock, it must first be enabled for the company within Company Settings.

  1. Click on Manage, and then Company Settings.


  2. Click the Optional Features tab.


  3. Switch the "Enable Clock In/Out in ExakTime Connect" setting to ON.


  4. Save your change.

Granting Connect Clock Access to a Security Role

Once Connect Clock has been enabled for the company, your ExakTime Connect security roles will need to be given access. Administrators do not need to do this as the permission will be enabled by default.

  1. Click on Manage, then Security Roles.


  2. Select ExakTime Connect on the left-hand side.


  3. Add a new security role or select an existing security role to the left. Scroll down on the right to give access to the option.
    • In the example below, we have selected the existing "Employee" Security Role.
    • If an employee needs to only be able to clock themselves in, leave "Clock In For" as "No Access"
    • For more information on Security Roles, see: Understanding Security Roles


  4. Save your changes.

Allowing Users to Log into ExakTime Connect

Now that the ability to use Connect Clock is enabled, we'll need to make sure the appropriate users have access. If the employee already has access to ExakTime Connect and the appropriate security role, you can skip this step.

  1. Go to Manage and click Employees.


  2. Click the "Edit" icon (blue pencil) to the left of the employee's name.


  3. Scroll downwards toward the Security Roles section and specify the ExakTime Connect Security Role with the drop-down menu. This will need to be the role enabled with Connect Clock from the previous section.  Enter the employee's email and username in the appropriate fields. This email will be used to verify the username and the username will be used to log in to the website.


  4. Click Save when finished.
  5. The employee will soon receive an email with a link to verify their email address and create their password. This email is valid for 72-hours. If the employee is unable to verify their email address, you will need to resend the verification email. If you are unsure how to do this, you can refer to the following article: How to Resend a Verification Email


Clocking In/Out with Connect Clock

  • Connect Clock will appear in the top left of ExakTime Connect. Clicking "Clock In/Out" will show you the menu to clock in/out.


  • The employee will select their location and cost code if clocking in. They will click GO to clock in and begin their day. After clocking in or out they will see a confirmation message.
    • If given the ability to clock in/out for others, the employee drop-down menu can be used to clock in/out for another employee.
    • They can also enter a comment for additional information.



  • For the employee to change their location and/or cost code, they would simply change their location and/or cost code, and press GO again. The employee does not have to press STOP to change their location or cost code.
  • If you are tracking meal breaks, there will be an additional option for "Meal Break". The employee would simply click "Meal Break" to begin their meal break. When they are done with their meal break, they will click "End Break" to continue working with their previous location and cost code. For more information about meal breaks, you can refer to the following article.
    • If you have a meal break warning, they may see an additional message letting them know that they still have some break time left. They can end their meal break early.
  • When the employee is done for the day, they will press STOP to clock out and receive a confirmation like below.


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