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Understanding the ExakTime Connect Dashboard

The dashboard is the main page that you will see when you first sign in to ExakTime Connect. Your layout may vary depending on ExakTime Connect permissions given.

For more information about ExakTime Connect Security Role permissions, you can refer to the following dedicated article.



  1. You have X employees clocked in at X location - The number of employees that are clocked in today is based on an employee having a clock in without a clock out.
    • An employee's viewset can limit the number of employees listed here. 
    • The only time that an employee will not be listed on the Dashboard is if the employee's time record was split due to the time card time entry setting.
  2. Employees Clocked in for a selected location - Information about employees clocked in to a selected location based on time card information such as their cost code and clock in time.
    • Requires "View" permission at least for "Manage Locations".
    • The time that an employee clocked in to a location can be viewed even if they do not have permission to view the time card details. While this does not provide the overall hours of an employee, you may have some reservations about providing this permission.
  3. Mobile Device Management - Provides the Company Setup Code and the expiration date of the code for adding additional copies of ExakTime Mobile to your account.
    • Requires "Add" permission at least for "Manage Devices" to view the company set up code.
  4. Today's Field Notes - View Field Notes received today from employees.
    • Requires "View" permission at least for "Field Notes". 
  5. System Status - The current status of ExakTime Connect such as "Operational".
  6. Your Week At A Glance - Review your upcoming schedule.
    • Requires "Scheduling" that is not offered by default in ExakTime and requires "View" permission for "Manage Schedules".
  7. Favorite Reports - Clicking the report link will take you to the reports page with the favorite report selected.
    • This will not generate a report for you. You must still go through the typical process for generating a report. 
  8. Quick links to add new employees, locations and cost codes.
    • Requires "Add" permission for "Manage Employees/Locations/Cost Codes/Mobile Devices".
  9. Link to our support site for articles such as this one.
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