Complete Guide to The ExakTime Connect Dashboard

The dashboard is the main page that you will see when you first sign in to ExakTime Connect. Your layout may vary depending on permissions given.



  • A. The number of employees that are clocked in today based on the information from your time cards.
  • B. List of locations, the weather, and employees clocked in to a location based on the information from your time card.
  • C. The company set up code for setting up new copies of ExakTime Mobile with your account.
  • D. Field Notes received today.
  • E. System Status - For more information regarding the system status, you can refer to the following article: Understanding the Status Page for ExakTime Connect
  • F. Your Week At A Glance - If you have Schedules enabled for your account, you can review your upcoming schedule.
  • G. Favorite Reports
  • H. Quick links to add new employees, locations and cost codes.
  • I. Link to our support site for articles such as this one or provide feedback for new features you wish to see.
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