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Using the Field Notes Report

The Field Note report allows you to list your field notes so they can be printed or saved to a digital file for archiving or distribution.

Field notes can be printed or exported into a PDF/XLS/XLSX/CSV for archiving and/or review purposes.

For more information about field notes in ExakTime Connect, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

Navigating to the Field Note Report
  • Click Reports from the menu bar.


  • Click Field Note report under the List section.


Report Specific Options

The report specific options offer a number of options to specify what field notes should be shown, how they should be sorted, and if the employee filter should focus on the creator of the field note or field notes about an employee.


  • Show Employee Notes - If enabled, will show field notes where an employee is the subject.
    • Show Employee ID - Show the employee ID in addition to the employee name.
  • Show Site Notes - If enabled, will show field notes where a location is the subject. 
    • Show Site ID - Show the location ID in addition to the location name.
  • Show Cost Code Notes - If enabled, will show field notes where a cost code is the subject.
    • Show Cost Code ID - Show the cost code ID in addition to the cost code name.
  • Show Equipment Notes - If enabled, will show field notes where equipment is the subject.
    • Show Equipment ID - Show the equipment ID in addition to the equipment name. 
  • Separate Names and IDs with - Separate the names and IDs of your entities with the selected option. Will not be available if "Show X IDs" is not enabled.
  • Sort by - Sort your field notes based on the created date.
  • Employee Filters limit by - Specify if your employee filters should filter the employees that created the note or field notes about an employee. 


The filters for the field notes report is unique compared to other reports as it will focus on the subject of a field note if the type of field note is enabled from the "Report Specific Options". 

When using the employee filter, it will filter your field notes depending on the report specific option to filter based on the creator of a field note or the field notes about an employee.

Example of Report

The report should be created in a new tab based on your date range, report options, and filters.


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