Using the Field Notes Report

The Field Note report allows you to list your field notes so they can be printed or saved to a digital file for archiving or distribution.

Field notes can be printed or exported into a PDF/XLS/XLSX/CSV for archiving and/or review purposes.

To begin, go to Reports.


Locate and select the Field Notes report under Lists.


Select the:

  • Date Range - The date range of field notes you want selected.


  • Report Specific Options - Specify if you want to view a report for field notes made by an employee, or about an employee and/or if you want field notes relating to employees, locations, or cost codes.


  • Filters - Specify the subject or creator that you want to show in your report.


 When ready, click View Report at the bottom.


The report should be created in a new tab based on your date range, report options, and filters.


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