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Tracking an Employee Working Between Different Time Zones

For employees that work between different time zones, their mobile devices can automatically adjust their time zone based on communication with nearby cellular towers. This is due to modern devices wanting to ensure that the time/date is consistent with their region with no involvement from the user. As ExakTime Mobile will use the time of the mobile device at the time of punch creation, this can cause confusion when reviewing their time card.

To accommodate employees that work between different time zones, we suggest employing one of the two methods:

Disable Automatic Time Zone Adjustment On The Device

Disabling the automatic time zone adjustment will allow the phone to use 1 consistent time zone throughout the day. The end goal being that the employees overall worked hours remain consistent, regardless of the time zones they traveled.

The employee should be mindful that when referencing the time on their phone, it may not reflect the time zone they are currently in.

This must be done by the user of the mobile device within the phone settings, not within ExakTime Mobile.

On iOS:

  1. Go to "Settings."
  2. Go to "General."
  3. Go to "Date & Time."
  4. Disable "Set Automatically" for the Time Zone.

On Android (These settings may differ depending on the manufacturer): 

  1. Go to "Settings."
  2. Go to "Date & Time."
  3. Disable "Auto-time Zone."

Disable Auto-Send After Clock In/Out and Disable Sync Interval

If there are any unsent records, they will automatically adjust themselves to match any time zone changes throughout the day so the overall hours are consistent.

Once the records are sent or attempted to send, they are considered locked and will not be adjusted.

The ExakTime administrator will have to disable "auto-send after clocking in or out" and set the sync interval to manual from Mobile Settings within ExakTime Connect or from the settings of ExakTime Mobile on the device.

As the device will no longer send records automatically, the employee will have to sync their device at the end of their work day.

An example of how it functions is noted below.



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