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Enabling Time Cards for ExakTime Mobile

Time cards on ExakTime Mobile can allow your employees to review their own time or time of other employees. Your employees and crew leaders will be more aware of what hours they should be receiving and let the Administrator know of any discrepancies to correct. At this time, time cards on ExakTime Mobile only allow viewing; editing is not currently supported.

Time cards on ExakTime Mobile is a feature that we are rolling out that will be automatically available to your company once it has been released and nothing has to be done by you to enable it.

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Enabling Time Cards

Your ExakTime Mobile Security Roles will have the option to allow an employee to access time cards. Simply enable it and once your employees sync their device they will have the option to view their time card. They may need to log out and log back in to see the time card option.

If an employee has been given permission to "Clock In For" other employees, view the time card, and have employees in their viewset, they will be able to view the time card of other employees as well.

  Additional Information

If you are unfamiliar with ExakTime Connect Security Role permissions, you can refer to In-Depth: ExakTime Mobile Security Role

For more information regarding employee viewsets, you can refer to Employee Viewsets 

  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • Click on any of the default roles that you would like to have access to view their own and/or other time cards on ExakTime Mobile. You can also create a new role.


  • On the right-hand side, enable the appropriate 'Time Card' option.


  • Save any changes.

What Employees Will See

  • Your employees will see "Time Cards" on the bottom if using iOS or on the top if using Android.


  • Tapping the date range in the top left of the time card allows an employee to view their previous time card. If the employees want to see any time records farther in the past, they will need to view them within ExakTime Connect or consult their ExakTime administrator.


  • Tapping the sync icon EM_-_Time_Card_Sync_Icon.png in the top-right of the time card will refresh the time cards to view the latest time card information.


  • The bottom of their time card will list how current the time card shown is. If it is not current, they can tap the sync icon as shown above. If they are unable to sync their time card to view the latest information, make sure that they have internet access (e.g. mobile data, Wi-Fi, etc.).


  • Each day will have its total hours shown.


  • A red exclamation point icon EM_-_Time_Card_-_Red_Icon.png is shown for any day that contains an incomplete time record. The incomplete time record will also have the icon and will have an hourly/daily total of "0h 0m". The time record will be complete when there is a clock out time, either through ExakTime Connect or ExakTime Mobile. 


  • The employee will see a grayed-out "0h 0m" if there are no hours for the day.


  • Tapping anywhere along a date will expand and show the breakdown for the day. Tapping it again will collapse it.


What Supervisors Will See

If a supervisor has other employees in their viewset, they will have an employee icon EM_-_Time_Card_-_Employee_Icon.png above the time cards to view other empoyees time cards.    they will also be able to view their time cards for review.

The supervisor would tap the small employee icon EM_-_Time_Card_-_Employee_Icon.png towards the top-right to select the employee(s) that they need to view.


The supervisor would tap Employees, select the employees to view, then tap Done.



They will be taken back to the Time Card page with the selected employee(s) time cards to scroll through.


 Crews/Groups vs. Employee Viewsets

When using the employee crews/groups in conjunction with employee viewsets, crews/groups will ignore viewsets and will show the supervisor all the employees of a group, even if an employee is not part of their viewset normally.

Employee Resources

For employee resources on reviewing their time cards on ExakTime Mobile, you can provide employees with this article and supervisors with this article.

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