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Creating Field Notes in ExakTime Connect

Field Notes can be created in ExakTime Connect as well as in ExakTime Mobile; however, there are key differences when using one method over the other. This guide will cover specifically using ExakTime Connect to create Field Notes.

After logging into ExakTime Connect, you can find Field Notes by going to Tools and clicking Field Notes.


To create a new Field Note:

  1. On the Field Notes page, click Add a Field Note
  2. Choose a Field Note Type; you can choose between:
    • Employee
    • Location
    • Cost Code
    • Equipment
  3. Choose the appropriate Employee, Location, Cost Code, or Equipment item you want to assign it to
  4. Add comments to the text box
  5. Choose Done when finished



Unlike in ExakTime Mobile, you cannot attach audio files and or pictures to Field Notes created here. You also cannot edit the created date for field notes after creation.

  Additional Information

Creating and accessing Field Notes can be limited by Security Roles. For more information on Security Roles, see our guide: Understanding Security Roles as well as ExakTime Connect Permissions And What They Do

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