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Time Card Detail Introduction

Working with Time Card Detail is one of the most common actions you will go through and in this video we will learn how to manage employee timecards in Connect using Time Card Detail.

  • To get started select Time Cards, and then Time Card Detail.


  • Next, make sure the date range is set to the desired pay period.


  • The pane on the left will show all employees who have time data for the selected date range. If an employee's name is grayed out, that means they did not record any time data during the selected date range.


  • Selecting an employee from the pane on the left will display their timecard in the pane on the right. This is where you can add, edit, and delete employee time records.


Let us go through some common time card examples.

Example #1

  • This employee worked on Monday, but forgot to clock in.


  • Lets correct this by selecting Add Time.


  • Pick Monday from the calendar dropdown.


  • Now select the location and cost code the employee should have clocked into and indicate what time they started. If the employee also forgot to clock out, indicate the time they stopped working. Once all desired changes have been made, click Save at the bottom.


Please note that policies will need to fully calculate before the new time totals are displayed at the top of the page.

Now lets look at another example.

Example #2

On Monday this employee remembered to clock in and out at the correct time, but selected the wrong location by accident.

  • To correct this select the Blue Pencil icon to edit the record.


  • then select the correct location from the dropdown menu.


  • It also appears that on Tuesday, this same employee clocked In at the right time to the right location, but forgot to clock out at the end of the day, meaning Tuesday's time record is not complete. Incomplete time records in Connect are called Exceptions, and will likely need to be corrected before running reports or exporting time data.
    • error_icon.png - A red exclamation mark in the left pane indicates which employee timecards have exceptions, while a red exclamation mark in the Right pane shows which pieces of data are missing from the time card.


  • To correct this exception, click the exclamation mark in the timecard.


  • Enter the missing time.


  • Now that we have made all the desired changes to this timecard, we can press Save.

As a best practice, it is recommended that you press Save after ALL edits have been made to a timecard, instead of saving each edit individually.

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