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Mobile Settings Introduction

In the video, we will cover some common setups for ExakTime Mobile Settings.

To adjust the Mobile Settings, select Manage, and then Mobile Settings.


Mobile Settings change how the app functions for all users, regardless of their security role or permissions. Some commonly used setups include:

  • Require the device's Location Services to be enabled before clocking in or out


    • Enabling this option means your employees are required to grant you access to their GPS information, and will not prevent them from clocking in or out if a GPS fix cannot be established. Employees will be allowed to clock in and out, even without a GPS fix.
  • Require a GPS fix before clocking in or out


    • Enabling this option guarantees that you will always have GPS information from employees when they clock in or out. If an employee cannot get a GPS signal when clocking in or out, they will need to head to a place where they can clearly see the sky and try again. With this setting, employees will ONLY be allowed to clock in and out with a GPS fix.
  • Automatically send time records after clocking in or out


    • This option sends time records to the office immediately after they are created. If employees are working in an area with limited cellular or data service, all they have to do is leave the app running. Their time records will remain in the mobile application and will automatically be sent back to the office once cellular or data service is restored.
  • And finally, Automatically log out after clocking in or out


    • This feature is great if your employees need to clock in and out from a shared mobile device, such as a tablet that hangs on the office wall. If your employees are clocking in and out from separate mobile devices -or using the GeoTrakker feature -consider disabling this setting. This will not log out an Admin or an employee with permission to adjust ExakTIme Mobile settings.

There are many options available in mobile settings, but these are the most commonly used.

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