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ExakTime Mobile Security Roles Introduction

Today we will be discussing Employee Security Roles for the Mobile application.

  • To set up a security role, click Manage at the top of the page, then click Security Roles.


  • On the left side of the page, click the ExakTime Mobile tab. It may already be selected by default. 


  • Here you will see a list of available security roles for the mobile application. Let's start with selecting the "Employee" role, where you can determine the permissions standard employees should have when clocking in and out.


  • These permissions will vary depending on your desired setup, but some common employee permissions include:
    • Allowing employees the ability to add Field Notes - This lets them communicate information from the field, back to the office in the form of photos, text messages, and even voice memos.


    • How long someone has been clicked in and Time record History - Allow employees to view how long they have been clocked in and their recent clock in/outs, right from the mobile application.


    • Time Card - Allow your employees to view their own time card from ExakTime Mobile.


    • FaceFront - And finally, enabling the FaceFront feature. This takes a photo of employees at the moment they clock in or out, enabling you to verify their identity.


  • Save your changes when finished.

  Additional Information

While there are many other features that can be enabled, these settings are most commonly used for standard employees. If you want to learn more about ExakTime Mobile Permissions, you can refer to ExakTime Mobile Permissions And What They Do.

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