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Time Reports Introduction for ExakTime

To get started, select Reports at the top.


Connect offers 3 easy ways to report on time data: Employee Reports, Location Reports, and Cost Code reports.


Generally, the type of report you want to run is determined by the kind of information you are looking for:

  • Employee reports are focused on how much time employees have worked
  • Location reports focus on how much time has been worked at each location
  • Cost Code reports focus on the time worked for each Cost Code.

All of these reports can be broken out in various ways and can include varying levels of detail.

As a best practice, always check the report specific options before running reports, as these options are different for each report.

Some popular reports include:

  • Employee Touch Detail - This report shows how much time employees have worked each day, including: what time they started, what time they stopped, where they worked, what cost codes they used, and if they worked any Over Time. Every time punch will be displayed in a Touch Detail Report, similar to the way time cards are displayed in Time Card Detail.
  • Employee Executive Summary - This report gives a high-level overview of how much time is being worked each day by each employee. It does not include location data, cost code data, or individual time punches. Instead, it offers daily and weekly totals for each employee.

In many cases, finding the right report means knowing how you want the data displayed. For example:

  • Employee by Location - This report will break out individual employee's time to show how long they worked at each location. Alternatively, you can run a Location by Employee report. This report shows time worked at each location, broken out by the employee working there. These reports are very similar, with the main difference being how the data is formatted and focused.

And finally, you can customize what data is being included in reports with the use of report Filters. For example:

  • We want a report showing how much time employees have worked broken out by the cost codes they used but only for a specific location.
    • To accomplish this we would select the Employee by Cost Code report.


    • Then apply a location filter. To expand the Filter menus just click the plus sign, then select the plus sign next to employees/locations/cost codes.


    • Here we will decide which employees/locations/cost codes should be included in our report. In this case we want all employees and all cost codes, but not all locations. So, we use the plus sign to expand the locations menu where we choose to include Selected locations.



    • Then we click Add Locations, check the box next to the desired location, and hit Done before viewing the report.



The finished product shows us who worked at the location, what they were doing, and how long they were doing it.

Note that Filters can be applied to any report, and enabling a filter means that it is applied to all reports you run, not just the report you have selected. In addition, report filters will remain in place for all reports until they are cleared, so make sure to check the filter options before running a new report.

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