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Getting Started with ExakTime Mobile after JobClocks

ExakTime Mobile allows your employees to clock in/out from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. A single device can replace a jobclock and keytabs for an entire location. ExakTime Mobile can be utilized in a couple of scenarios. Some examples are:

  • Supervisor/site manager holds a morning meeting on what needs to be done that day. He opens ExakTime Mobile on his company phone and passes it to an employee. The employee clocks themselves in to start the day, then passes the phone along to the next employee. Each employee does this until the phone returns to the supervisor/site manager.
  • Supervisor/site manager sets up ExakTime Mobile on a tablet/phone in the office trailer or nearby the trailer. The employees can clock in/out as needed.
  • Employees can install and use ExakTime Mobile on their own smartphone. When they get to their jobsite, they can clock in to start their day and track their activities throughout.

Everything below will get your ExakTime Connect account set up to use with ExakTime Mobile. It is suggested you go through all these steps first-hand so you can have an understanding of what is needed to set up ExakTime Mobile, what your employees are expected to experience, and how to instruct your employees on the basic use of ExakTime Mobile.

Table of Contents

Setting up your ExakTime Mobile Security Role

The ExakTime Mobile Security Role determines what an employee is able to do within ExakTime Mobile. We will cover the most common permissions enabled for an employee.

  • Go to Manage and click Security Roles.


  • You will be taken to the Security Roles page with the tab for ExakTime Mobile security roles already selected. You will also see your default security roles: Administrator, Supervisor, and Employee. For this guide, we will focus on your Employees.
  • Click on the Employee role. This role will serve a majority of your employees and you can always add more security roles in the future for more unique needs later. After clicking on the Employee role, you will see available permissions for the security role on the right-hand side.


  • "Field Notes" under the "Add" section will let your employees send pictures, memos, and voice recordings from ExakTime Mobile to your ExakTime Connect system.


  • "Time Card" under the "View" section lets your employees review their time cards for the current work week and up to five past work weeks.


  • "FaceFront" will take a photo of the employee when they clock in and out for themselves with the mobile device's front-facing camera.


  • Enable any of those options and click Save at the bottom. We will go into more detail throughout this guide on how they function.

Setting Up Mobile Settings

Assigning a PIN

The PIN is created by the ExakTime Connect administrator and used by an employee to log in to ExakTime Mobile.

  • Go to Manage and click Employees.


  • Click the pencil icon next to an existing employee to view their profile. If adding a new employee, then click Add Employee.


  • Scroll down through the employee profile towards "Security Roles".
  • Enter the PIN that will be used by the employee. The PIN can only contain numbers and must be between 4-10 numbers. It is best to establish a pattern to the employee PIN to make it easier for you to create and easier for your employees to remember.


  • Click Save when finished.

Setting Up Location GPS & GeoFence

The GPS for a location is used to help determine if an employee was in the vicinity of a location when clocking in/out and help inform an employee on what location they should select.

  • Go to Manage and click Locations.


  • Click on the pencil icon next to an existing location to view the location profile. If adding a new location, then click Add Location.


  • Enter an address for the location if possible. If you are unable, try to get as close as possible. If you are still unable to provide an address, in instances of new developments or remote areas, you can enter the GPS coordinates manually in the following step.


  • Click the GPS tab.


  • If you were able to provide a valid address, Bing Maps will use the address and provide us with the best possible GPS coordinates. If you were not able to provide an address, you can provide your own GPS coordinates here on the left-hand side.
    • On the right-hand side is a map showing a pin based on the GPS coordinates and the GeoFence for the location. The pin and GeoFence can be adjusted by clicking and dragging with your mouse.


  • Click Save when finished.

Adding Additional Cost Codes

Cost codes are used to better track what the employees are doing throughout the day. If you were using JobClocks, then the number of cost codes being tracked would be minimal, such as In and Travel, while Out would be used to track when they stopped tracking their time. If you have multiple cost codes, the employees will be prompted to select from a list of cost codes what they are doing.

  • Go to Manage in the Menu bar and click Cost Codes.


  • Click Add Cost Code.


  • The following page allows you to enter some information for a cost code, the only requirement for a new cost code is the description (name) of the cost code. The description of the cost code will be seen by you and your employees throughout ExakTime Connect and Mobile. 


  • When finished, click Save if this is the only cost code you will be entering or Save and New if you would like to add another cost code.

Setting Up ExakTime Mobile

ExakTime Mobile is a free mobile app available on both iOS and Android from their respective app stores. The only requirements are that the employee has a valid Apple (iOS) or Gmail (Android) account to download ExakTime Mobile. The Company Setup Code used to set up ExakTime Mobile will be provided by you that must be provided by the ExakTime Connect administrator.

  • Note the company setup code found on the Dashboard of ExakTime Connect. This setup code is only used for the initial setup of ExakTime Mobile and will automatically reset on the date given. If an employee tries to use an expired company setup code, they will receive a message that the code is invalid and will require you to provide them a new code.


  • The employee will search for and install ExakTime Mobile from the App Store (if using iOS) or the Play Store (if on Android).


  • After it has been downloaded and installed, open ExakTime Mobile to begin the setup process.
  • Press Enter My Company Setup Code.


  • Enter the company setup code from the Dashboard noted in Step 1 and a name for the device (e.g. John's Phone or Office Tablet). Press Setup.


  • Once ExakTime Mobile has been set up, you will be brought to a number pad where the employee will enter the PIN that has been set up for them and then click the arrow at the bottom right. For this guide, enter the PIN that was entered earlier to test.


  • When the employee sees a screen similar to below, they are logged in to ExakTime Mobile and ready to begin tracking their time.


How to Clock In/Out

Clocking In

  • Sign in with an ExakTime Mobile PIN.


  • Press GO.


  • Select your location.
    • If the location data from the mobile device puts you/the employee within the GeoFence of a location, ExakTime Mobile will show a list of possible locations at the top of the list with the symbol Clocking_In_Out_on_ExakTime_Mobile__360003885593__GPS_Icon.png, in addition to the overall Location list.


  • Select your cost code. If you only have an In/Out cost code, then this step is skipped as there is no alternatives.


  • Depending on ExakTime Mobile settings, the employee may need to perform additional tasks such as enter a comment, take a FaceFront photo, etc.
  • A confirmation screen will appear.


Clocking Out

  • Sign in with the ExakTime Mobile PIN if not logged in.


  • Press STOP.


  • Depending on ExakTime Mobile settings, the employee may need to perform additional tasks such as enter a comment, take a FaceFront photo, answer questions, etc.
  • A confirmation screen will appear.


Field Notes

If you enabled the option for employees to add field notes, your employees will be able to send notes, pictures, and audio recordings to ExakTime Connect to document what is going on from the field.

  • Press the Menu button in the top left to expand the menu and press Field Notes.



  • Pick a subject for the field note: An employee, location, or cost code.


  • Enter a text note, take a photo, attach a photo from the photo gallery, and/or record audio for the field note.


  • Press Save.


  • The field note will be sent on the next sync, be it manually or an auto-sync.

How Employees View Their Time Card

If you enabled the option for employees to view their own time card, they will be able to 

  • There will be a tab labeled "Time Card" in ExakTime Mobile.
    On iOS, the tab will be along the bottom. For Android, the tab will be along the top.


  • When viewing the time cards, they can view the current work week and up to 5 weeks prior by pressing the arrow(s) at the top of the time card, for a total of up to 6 weeks. If the employees want to see any time records farther in the past, they will need to view them within ExakTime Connect or request the information from the ExakTime Connect administrator.


  • At the top right, you/the employee can click the refresh icon Time_Cards_on_ExakTime_Mobile__360015005494__Time_Card_-_Refresh_Icon.png to download the latest time card information. 
    • If ExakTime Mobile cannot receive the latest time card information due to lack of internet connection, it will show the last loaded time card. If they are unsure of the age of the time card, they can look towards the bottom of the time card where it will tell them the age of the time card.



  • Each day will have its total hours shown.
    • If they see the hourly/daily total of 0h 0m, the time record is incomplete and cannot be calculated until it is complete. The time card will become complete if a clock out is generated through ExakTime Mobile or ExakTime Connect.


    • If they see -h -m for the daily total, there is no activity for the day.


  • Tapping anywhere along a date will expand and show the breakdown for the day. Tapping it again will collapse it.


Reviewing Time Cards

As smartphones will generally have some type of data plan, ExakTime Mobile can send any records shortly after they are made to keep a steady stream of records allowing you to have an up-to-date time card. While the overall use of the Time Card Details does not change, there are some new considerations for when ExakTime Mobile records.

  • Go to Time Cards and click Time Card Details.


  • As records can be sent throughout the day, it is expected that the employee's time cards are marked as incomplete while they are working with the following icon Time_Card_Detail_Walkthrough__360015619434__Incomplete.png. When using JobClocks, this would have been a concern when viewing a prior work week as it meant that an employee forgot to clock in/out during their work week. When using ExakTime Mobile, incomplete records are to be expected from your employees. As a result, it is advised that any edits to time cards are done on the following day to allow the employees' copy of ExakTime Mobile to send all available records to ExakTime Connect. If you were to edit a time record manually, then the employee's ExakTime Mobile record reaches ExakTime Connect, it will replace the manually edited time record as it is deemed more accurate.


  • The key difference with using ExakTime Mobile that is not obvious will be the information icon GPS_Icon_-_00.png next to a time record(s).


    • As we can now associate GPS and a FaceFront photo with a time card, you can hover over the GPS_Icon_-_00.png icon for more information.


    • The color of the icon indicates the position of the employee relative to the location of the time record.
      • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__No-GPS.png - A blue icon indicates that there is no GPS associated with this time record. This can be due to:
        • Lack of location services at the time of creating the punch.
        • If the time record was created manually from within ExakTime Connect.
        • if the time record was created automatically by the system such as a midnight split.
      • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Location-No-GPS.png - A grey icon indicates that there is GPS for the time record from the employee's device, but the selected location does not yet have a GPS coordinate.
      • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Outside-GeoFence.png - A red icon indicates that the GPS for the time record is outside the GeoFence of the selected location.
      • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Inside-GeoFence.png - A green icon indicates that the GPS for the time record is within the GeoFence of the selected location.


And with that, the basic use of ExakTime Mobile has been set up and is ready for your employees to begin using. As you become more familiar ExakTime Mobile and how it can be used for your company, you will be able to enable/disable other ExakTime Mobile options. For additional ExakTime Mobile resources, you can refer to the ExakTime Mobile section.

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