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Deactivating/Removing a Location in ExakTime

Deactivating a location in ExakTime is the equivalent of deleting/removing a location. Deactivating a location will remove the location as an option throughout the ExakTime system such as from the Time Cards, the ExakTime Mobile location list, etc.  It is not possible to delete a location for data integrity purposes.

While the location is removed as an option throughout the ExakTime system, it can be still be referenced for historical tracking or to be reactivated if the location should be used again, such as for a returning client.

  • Go to Manage from the menu bar and click Locations.


  • Towards the left of a location, click the checkbox to deactivate the location.


  • The deactivated location will no longer be an option through ExakTime and will be removed from the location list of ExakTime Mobile after the employee's next sync.

 Location Still Listed?

If a deactivated location is still appearing for an employee using ExakTime Mobile, make sure that they have synced their copy of ExakTime Mobile first.

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