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EZSync: Pay Group & Rate Code Configuration

The purpose of this article is to detail what is needed when implementing an account on EZSync in relation to pay group and rate codes.

After loading in company-level utilities, there are additional steps that need to be performed in regards to Rate Codes and Pay Groups. This is necessary to ensure that non-syncing fields are not utilized by the client in error.

Pay Groups

Pay Groups are stored in the HRIS under Setup > Setup Properties > Field Value Setup > Pay Groups.

The HRIS generates a Default Pay Group that needs to be deleted. This Default Pay Group is easily identified because it will not have a "Synced to Payroll" check mark.

Simply check the check box to the right of the Default Pay Group and click Delete Selected Records from the Actions drop-down menu.


Rate Codes

The HRIS creates a Default Rate Code that needs to be deleted. This Default Rate Code can be easily identified because it should not have a  "Synced to Payroll" check mark.


The Payroll Base Rate Code also needs to be set as the Base Rate code within the HRIS.



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