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Required Fields for EZSync/EZPay

In order for the HCM to successfully add new Employee Records to payroll, the HCM must be configured to have the same required fields as the Payroll Application.  Fields on the Employee > Employee > Demographic Info screen can be configured as required or optional via the Required Fields screen of the HRIS.  

To navigate to Required Fields from the menu, expand Setup and click Required Fields.



The Millennium payroll application requires the following fields for a new hire add:

  • Federal Tax
  • Federal Status
  • State Tax
  • State Status
  • SUI Tax

These are not fields that can be required in the HRIS on the Required Fields screen. 

Tip: As an alternative best practice, the following fields should be set as required in the HRIS for payroll sync accounts:

  • State
  • Employee ID (only needed if the account is configured to allow users to enter Custom IDs on the payroll General Settings screen: Settings > Payroll > Settings > General Settings Tab)
  • Tax Form
  • Work State
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