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After specifying how an employee will clock in/out, additional work will need to be done to set up their entry method.

Setting Up Entry Assignments

  • To set up how an employee will be clocking in/out, you will need to set up their entry assignments. This can be done by going to the menu, expanding Settings, and clicking Time and Attendance.


  • Click Settings from the top menu bar.


  • Click the Entry Assignments tab.


  • In your employee list, select the entry assignments for your employees.


    • Entry Type - Must be either Time Clock - Punch or Timesheet & Time Clock - Punch.
    • Time Clock Auth Type - Must be a selection other than "Not Assigned". The available options are:

Enroll Fingerprints

If a user was configured with the Time Clock Auth Type of "Fingerprint Scan," it is required that you enroll the user's fingerprint with your Time Clock and your HR system.

  1. While viewing the ZK US10C Time Clock tab, there click the # under the User Count column for a device.


  2. You will see the list of users that have been loaded to your Time Clock.


  3. Use the checkbox next to the employees that you want to enroll fingerprints for and click Enroll Fingerprint(s).


  4. Within a few seconds, the Time Clock will display that it is ready to record a fingerprint for the previously selected employee(s). Note the User ID’s you selected on the User screen as the clock device will display the User ID when ready for scanning the fingerprint.


  5. When prompted by the Time Clock, have the user press their finger 3 times on the biometric scanner on the clock.


  6. If more than one user was selected for enrollment, the clock will display the next User ID it is ready to enroll.
  7. Repeat process from #5
  8. When the Clock is finished with all the enrollments you will need to press the “Reload Users to All Device(s) link on the main Clock Device screen on the website. This will send the fingerprints to all the clocks that are registered within the system.

Additional Information

Fingerprints are stored as encoded data points, no actual fingerprint images are stored by the clock or the software.

Setting Up Card Swipe

If a user was configured with the Time Clock Auth Type of "Card Swipe," it is required that you enroll the card number for an employee.

From the Entry Assignment tab, enter the number printed on the card.

  • If using a US10 clock, enter the full number, leading zeroes included. (e.g. If the number printed on the card is 0009876543, you will enter 0009876543.)
  • If using a US15 clock, do not enter any leading zeroes of the printed number (e.g. If the number printed on the card is 0009876543, you will enter 9876543.)


Setting Up The Employee PIN

If a user was configured with the Time Clock Auth Type of "PIN," it is required that enter the PIN that the employee would be using to sign in to your time clock.


In addition to the PIN, note the employee's User ID. This can be found by clicking User Count from the Time Clocks page.



Load Users to Time Clock

Once the users have an active account and their entry assignments have been configured, the users can be loaded to your Time Clock.

  1. While in Time and Attendance, go to the ZK US10C Time Clocks tab.


  2. From the Actions drop-down menu, click Reload Users to all Device(s).


  3. Your HR system will send data for all eligible employees to your Time Clock.
  4. You can review the logs to confirm which employees were sent.


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