How to Create Mapped Forms

Merge forms are a mail merge form that is created using an RTF (Rich Text Format) document. You create a document using word, simply type your letter and copy and paste any of the fields from the “Merge Fields” tab.


  1. Create a document that you want to prefill with data stored in the Core HR system. A sample document is illustrated below.


  2. Once the document is created, it will need to be saved as a .rtf file.


  3. Navigate to Settings > Prefilled Forms, and from the Actions drop-down menu, select "Create New Merge Form" option.


  4. Name your form, add any applicable internal description of the form if desired, and using the Browse button select your saved RTF form to upload. Click Save Properties.


  5. Once saved, you can click to download and preview your form.


Completed Merge Form Example: 


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