Applicant Profile Tabs


Introduction Tab

The applicant views the Introduction Tab once they have clicked Apply Now.

An administrator will apply any message to share with the applicants in this tab. You can also change the display name of the tabs.

Personal Information

The personal information tab contains three individual tabs of information that will be filled in by the applicant. Those tabs include:

  • Profile
  • Contact Info
  • Login

The Login tab is optional and can be removed from the application process. The Login tab allows applicants to create a login profile and gives them the ability to return at a later date and applies to other open positions that they may be interested in.


The question tab allows you to enter any information that you would like to share with the applicant. If you require specific questions to be answered during the application process, this is the tab that you can provide the applicant with a description of the requirements.


The skill gives the administrators the option to require a specific number of skills for all of the applicants. The actual skills are added through the “Settings>Skills Tracking” menu.


Like the skills tab, you have the option to require a specific number of education entries.

Work History

This tab also allows the administrator to require a specific number of years of work history.


The reference tab also allows you to set a minimum required number of references. If you will require references and use our reference survey feature please set up this tab to include a tab header message that requires the applicant to provide a valid email address for each of their references.


The resume tab gives the applicant the option to upload a resume.


The submit tab is the only tab that cannot be hidden from the applicant. This tab also allows the administrator to require the applicant to check off on an Acknowledgement Text. Please be sure to enter the Acknowledgement Text in the correct location.

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