System Requirements for Core HR

To access InfinityHR, a user will need a computer with Internet access.  All browsers are supported, but we do recommend using one of the following browsers for optimum performance: Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 25.0, FireFox.  The Core HR application will negotiate the highest level of encryption available from the browser.  It is highly recommended that users download and install their browser’s latest version and security patches as they become available.

Users accessing Core HR must also allow Cookies through their browser settings.  Core HR makes use of Temporary, or Session, Cookies to maintain the identity of the logged in user.  These Temporary or Session cookies are stored only for the current browsing session, and are deleted from the computer when the web browser is closed. 

When we do internal testing for application updates or system releases, we take measures to perform thorough testing in the latest versions of these operating systems: Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 25.0, FireFox.

*If you require a browser update on your system, we recommend taking the following action to enable full support of Core HR:

On your browser toolbar, click ‘TOOLS’ and check ‘Compatibility View’.

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