Company Name and EINS

Company Name and EIN - Confirm that the Business name(s) and corresponding EIN(s) are configured in InfinityHR and match with the IRS Database entry.

  1. From the menu, expand Setup and go to Setup Properties.


  2. Hover over the "General" tab and click Employers.


  3. If the employer already exists, click the company name to view additional information.


  4. Review the Employer Name and EIN (Federal Tax ID) and confirm that they are correct.


  5. If the employer has not been entered, use the Actions drop-down menu, and click Add.


  6. Enter the appropriate employer information.


  • The IRS will only accept transmittals that use the business name and corresponding EIN they have on record.
  • "Doing Business As" (DBA) will be rejected.
  • A minimum of one Employer must be configured on the Employers page.
  • More Employers can be added if multiple legal entities are associated with the organization.
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